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Your favourite images can now be turned into gorgeous Gift and Greeting Cards for any occasion, at no extra cost! It's simple, all you do is email your images as a jpeg file to and Mindy will make them for you!

Your special image can also be enhanced to look like a 'Work of Art'. You can choose from styles as varied as a pencil detailed photograph or a water coloured painting! Mindy can create this for you too. She can also help suggest the style that looks best for your image. Or, you may just prefer the original sharp image with a special message or a name text on the card, similar to the sample card on the right.

Once you have chosen your image, decide if you would like them made up as Gift Cards or Greeting Cards or even small fridge magnets - Click on Gift Cards for size details and prices.

On the Order Form page go to Gift Cards, Your Own Images, to place an order, then go to the comment box at the bottom of the order form page and give Mindy any instructions you would like for your card. Also please include a 'title' for your image, which will be printed on to the back of the card.

Once Mindy has received your jpeg image by email, she will email you back to confirm and work will begin on creating a gorgeous card from you very own image!

Any further questions, please Email, Phone or Fax Mindy;

Phone/Fax 07 4984 1178

Contact Me: Phone: 07 4984 1178 | Fax: 07 4984 1178 | email:

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